Huntington Pet Vet

“The grand opening of the Huntington Pet Wellness Center was spectacular with our marketing tactics we were able to get arond 150 clients to show up with just 1 expertly done marketing campaign. Plus we had less than a week to pull it all offker

Huntington Pet Wellness Center
This client we have done many different things to improve rankings online and in the community such as: repair reputation, logo design, Email Marketing, A Complete Web Design Re-development, increasing customer engagement on the main social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Email, and Website.


For the grand opening of the Huntington Pet Wellness Center along with the Non-Profit Group, Paws Helping Paws. They came to our team with juts under a week to pull this off, they needed a step & repeat, logos, marketing campaign and many other things.

Non-Profit Paws Helping Paws
Paws Helping Paws (Non-Profit)


Luckily our team has mastered the complex back-end tools of most all social algorithms and platforms; we were able to, with just one Facebook campaign costing under $100USD we were able to get over 150 people to show up to their event; that is at a cost of $0.66 cents per prospect! Imagine if you could target your native local audience for an event and get people to come at only $0.66 cents per client, that is exactly the type of results we strive to get our clients.


We also designed them an expert website complete with E-Commerce, Blog, Gallery, and many other custom features.

You can view the website and its functionality at this link: