Are you having a promotion for your business? A landing page had many names such as, “squeeze page,” “opt-in form,” “contact page,” “funnel,” and “lander.”

The entire objective of a funnel or landing page is to land the client on a high performing landing page that is easy to view scales well with mobile. Has the right headlines, calls to actions, and copy on the page.

Depending what your niche is applicable laws apply for gathering data, which is why we always make sure we have a complete and accurate terms of service, privacy policy, and any other applicable licensing materials required.

Then using advanced data modeling and loads of market research we funnel extremely targeted traffic to your business landing page.

Generally a landing page has one basic function such as, an advert for one story homes, or offering an email address or phone number in exchange for a coupon.

For extremely advanced projects, we use heat maps and mouse tracking software to find trouble spots where customers may get confused or what information they are looking at the most.

All of your customers data is securely encrypted from customer experience to where the users end data is delivered to meeting industry required standards for data collection.

Just to give you an idea of how effective a landing page can be. One client we build a Facebook Ads campaign for and connected it to a landing page, we ran the ad from just Thursday night to Monday morning, when he logged into to his lead management portal he was blown away by the 22 customers that had inquired about his high ticket service.

It took him two weeks to get through those clients and close all the deals netting him 5-figures of commission in ONE week. It gets better, The week after that 27 people inquired about his services again giving him another 5-figure commission week.

How would you like to wake up everyday with an inbox full of customers excited and to ready to hear from you with cash in hand?

We make all of that possible at Dakota Digital.

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