Search Engine Listing Services

Make sure your business is correctly listed on the biggest search engines, the your business is listed with different search engines is extremely important. Think of your search engine listing as directory assistance in the newspaper, if your website is correctly submitted to all the major search providers people can find you. If you are not listed or incorrectly listed you will never be found, not by customers with cash in hand actively researching what to purchase online.

Another important step is to make sure robots.txt isn't blocking search engine Web Crawlers from finding your site and listing it you have robots.txt, if this file is correctly configured in your website it shouldn't block access from your website being correctly indexed online.

Are Your Search Engine Listings In Trouble?

Beware of automated search engine listing.

It may sound like the obvious choice with automation, however many search engine providers are ranking you low specifically because you are automating this process, they want quality and humans operating on the network.

A lot of companies offer listing services that are automated, this increases the cost per individual listing, however most major search engines if they find that your websites are not being manually entered you may find after 2-4 weeks they will remove your website listing.

Have Dakota-Digital go over your current Search Engine Listings and make sure your business is correctly entered, and that no software was used to enter in your businesses information.

Undervalued Search Engines

Some of these search engines are extremely undervalued. I'll give you an example of this, let's say XYZ search engine has 25 businesses listed in your niche and 100 unique daily people searching in your companies niche, you only have to compete with 25 other listed business so you need a good content strategy to beat them.

Now we have ZZZ Search engine, and they have 100 businesses in your niche listed with them, but only 25 daily unique people searching in your niche, you now have to complete with all those other business on ZZZ Search engine.

We find the most undervalued attention in your business niche, we then point that attention in your businesses direction that powerful combination is our winning formula that we apply to your business.

That's why at Dakota-Digital every month we make sure your business is listed properly in the top search engines every month.