Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimization?

A Brief Video to Introduce you to SEO.


Chapter 1: Different Types of Search Engine Success Factors.

SEO is seemingly simple; although this background work can be the most time consuming and the biggest factor when building your website. If you ever want your website to be organically successful at driving the right kind of targeted traffic towards you then you are going to need to understand all the factors that go into SEO on a website. It is a time-consuming art.

Three major factors are broken down by “The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors” in the table below.

They are:

  • On-the-page SEO
  • Off-the-page SEO
  • Violations

Within each of the three groups we have subgroups, These subgroups contain one or more individual SEO factors with a specific weight or importance.

Violations, while a gathering unto themselves, are shown under the gathering and subgroup to which they’re related.

*Credit for above image given to Search Engine Land for this “Periodic Table of SEO Elements”


Those two-letter acronyms you see on the outline above? That is our play on the intermittent table of components and the letter portrayals, or image, of every component. You may have needed to recall that the symbol for gold was Au or that iron’s was Fe.

In the Periodic Table of SEO, we’ve endeavored to make it somewhat more natural. The main letter of each “Website design enhancement component” originates from the subgroup that it’s in, and the second letter remains for the individual factor.

SEO Factors work in tandem

No single SEO factor will ensure web crawler rankings. Having an incredible HTML title won’t help if a page has low-quality substance. Having numerous connections won’t help on the off chance that they are on the whole low in quality. Having a few positive components can build the chances of achievement, while the nearness of negative variables can compound those chances.

On Page Success Factors

On page search ranking and positioning variables are those that are for the most part inside the publisher’s own particular control. What kind of content do you publish or distribute? Is it accurate to say that you are giving critical HTML hints that assistance web crawlers (and users) decide relevancy and significance? How does your site design help or upset web search tools?

Off Page Success Factors

Off-the-page positioning variables are those that distributors don’t straightforwardly control. Web indexes utilize these in light of the fact that they adapted from the get-go that depending on distributor controlled flags alone didn’t generally yield the best outcomes. For example, a few distributors may endeavor to influence themselves to appear to be more applicable than they are in actuality.

With billions of pages to deal with, taking a gander at “on-the-page” pieces of information isn’t sufficient. More flags are expected to restore the best pages for a specific inquiry.

SEO Ranking Penalties & Violations

No doubt about it — web indexes need individuals to perform SEO on the grounds that it can help enhance their list items. Web search tools give assistance as rules, blog entries and recordings to empower particular SEO procedures.

In any case, there are a few systems that web crawlers regard “spam” or “dark cap,” which could result in your pages accepting a positioning punishment, or more terrible, being prohibited from the web search tools completely.

Infringement are for the most part strategies intended to swindle or control a web crawler’s comprehension of a webpage’s actual importance and expert.

Weighting of Search Ranking Factors

Weighting of Search Ranking Factors

Every one of the components we indicate are weighted on a size of 1 to 3, as appeared in the upper right corner of each factor, and additionally reflected in the tint of that factor. A weighting of 3 is most essential and is something you should give careful consideration to on the grounds that it has a greater effect than different components.

That doesn’t imply that variables weighted 2 or 1 aren’t critical; they are. It’s simply that they are of less significance, generally, regarding alternate factors on the diagram. Infringement are likewise weighted, however in negative numbers, with – 3 being the most exceedingly bad and conceivably most hurtful to your SEO achievement.

The weighting depends on a mix of what web crawlers have stated, reviews of the SEO people group and our own particular mastery and involvement in watching the space after some time. We don’t anticipate that them will be great. Not every person will concur. Your mileage may shift. Be that as it may, we’re sure it is a valuable general guide.

‘Missing’ SEO factors and the Guide’s Philosophy

Experienced SEOs might ask why a few elements aren’t appeared. Why ALT content and bolding words are excluded as HTML factors, for instance?

The appropriate response? We don’t think those things are as imperative, generally. We’re not attempting to envelop each conceivable flag (Google has more than 200 of them) and sub-signals (Google has more than 10,000 of those).

Rather, the objective of the Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors and this online partner control is to push those new to SEO center around the comprehensive view and maybe permit experienced SEOs to hit the “reset” catch on the off chance that they’ve gotten lost gazing at particular trees in the SEO timberland.

That is the reason this SEO manage doesn’t address having your most vital watchwords toward the start or end of a HTML title tag. Nor are we attempting to evaluate the amount more weight a H1 header label conveys than a H2 tag.

We’re intentionally abstaining from being ultra-particular on the grounds that such things frequently occupy and pull us down the rabbit gap. Rather, we trust you gain an understanding that pages ought to have engaging titles, that showing page structure with header labels may help, and fixing things off with organized information is a smart thought.

Do these things well, and you’ve presumably tended to 90 percent of the most imperative HTML factors.

So also, it’s not whether a decent notoriety on Twitter is worth more than on Facebook. Rather, we’re attempting to enable individuals to comprehend that having social records that are respectable by and large, which pull in a decent after and produce social offers, may eventually enable you to make look progress.